Scriptable, skinnable, extensible and relocatable 3D action puzzle game written in C and Lua for Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD operating systems

OCTASPIRE CRATES! is challenging and fun three dimensional action puzzle game. It comes with a default mission containing 32 levels and 41 different game entities. Game has also a tutorial mission containing 31 simple levels with some instructions on how to play and interact with the different crates of the game. Playing the whole default mission in one go will take a little bit more than twenty minutes from experienced player doing no mistakes, but in the beginning it will take probably much, much longer.

After you have solved all the puzzles and start to remember how to pass them, you can start playing against the clock and try to get your name into the Hall Of Fame. To get there, you must pass the whole mission in one go. The faster you are, the better is your placing. Passing missions requires problem solving skills and good position in the Hall of Fame requires both memory and good reaction time.

Game is extensible, meaning that it can be extended quite easily with new missions and game entities. If you liked the default mission, you can download new missions and extensions from the homepage. You can also make your own missions for yourself and your friends to play. At a some later date you might be able to upload your new missions at the homepage for the whole world to play.

Game is currently available for Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD operating systems. It is written in programming languages C and Lua. All the missions, game entities, game states and configuration of the game engine is implemented as plain text Lua-scripts. So, if you know Lua, you can write also new game entities with any text editor, without any development tools.

Crates is also skinnable, meaning that you can change the look and feel of the game (or the theme of the game) easily in the configuration file. New skins (themes), can be created with any image editor and added to the game just by dropping them in new subdirectory to the resources/textures-directory. Below is example of two different skins available in Crates at the moment; waymark and cartoon:

waymark skin cartoon skin

Please note that game is currently a beta version and is is still a work in progress. The windows installer is currently tested only in Window XP. Source code can be compiled currently in GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Other systems might be added later. Issue tracking and source code repository can be found at http://github.com/octaspire/crates

If you have any feedback, ideas, suggestions, problems, or you have created new great missions, scripts or graphics, go to the message forums. If you find bugs, please report them here or here (requires registration).